The Steamboy PRO is a Star!

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  • Sealed Hardwood Floors
    • Older teens might not like cleaning up but the Steamboy Pro changes that. Dirt is dissolved quickly and wiped away in one easy motion. You might not come home to a mess again.
  • Carpet
    • Eliminate pet odors and sanitize carpets with the Steamboy Pro. The carpet glide easily attaches and allows you to freshen carpet surfaces and area rugs.
  • Tile 
    • Even the wildest children’s party is no match for the Steamboy Pro. The heavy-duty scrubber brush detaches from the mop and makes floor tiles and grout lines like new again.

ReFashionista’s “Urge to Serge Dress”


ReFashionista is a fan of the Dreamstitcher 787!


The serger was used to help turn a frumpy garment into a darling dress. Take a look below to see the creation and click here to read the entire blog post! 



About The ReFashionista aka Jillian Owens

Jillian is a writer, designer and eco-fashion revolutionary. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, The Associated Press, Elle (French), The Gloss, The Rachael Ray Show, and more. When she’s not gallivanting about, she’s busy refashioning ugly thrift store duds into fashionable frocks at

Back-to-School Full Steam Ahead!

The last thing a busy student wants to do is spend vast amounts of time cleaning, while recognizing this task as one of the “necessary evils” of college life. Rather than wasting the time and money to purchase traditional chemically-based cleaning products, finding the space to fit a mop and bucket, and other supplies, students should consider the faster, more effective and chemical-free solution to ridding their living areas of germs and messes – steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is a quick and easy way to make the worst mess disappear while also eliminating germs on contact. Additionally, it doubles as an effective way to quickly eliminate wrinkles in those unworn garments waiting to be pressed. Other key benefits of steam cleaning for the college student include destroying bedbugs and dust mites in just minutes– just add water!

The EnviroMate Pronto P7 offers all the powerful benefits of steam cleaning in a mini, accessible size that won’t crowd-up an already tiny dorm room or apartment and comes with 15 attachments. Here are a few cleaning tips for the college student looking to get the job done quickly, effectively and easily:

p7 series

  • Flip the mattress. This will help maintain the shape of the mattress over time. Use the Pronto P7 to sanitize the entire mattress ridding it of any germs, dust mites, allergens and bed bugs.
  • Take wrinkled garments that are “unwearable” and put on hangers. Use the Pronto P7 to steam out wrinkles and also remove any odors that may have collected over time. When done, let the “press set” for a few minutes before hanging garments in the closet – this will ensure that fresh, unwrinkled look is set in the garments. Hang in the closet and enjoy the fact that you now have a new wardrobe!
  • Make a list of the cleaning tasks that you have been putting off because they seemed too difficult. Start with the kitchen and use the Pronto P7 to clean the kitchen counters, the sink, microwave and any other surface that is in need of attention. Move on to the bathroom to remove the grime and mildew, and clean grout in the bathtub/shower area. The Pronto P7 can even be used for the dreaded task of cleaning on and around the toilet.