Ironing 101: It All Begins With The Iron

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Like so many things in life, the finished product is a direct result of the tools used to get the job done. Ironing is no different. Your experience will change dramatically when you choose the best tools for the job. For starters, we suggest an iron that produces steam like the ones used by the pros!



  • Steam is what most garment factories and dry cleaners use to finish garments, so it’s nothing new to the fabric-care world. However, in countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain, irons that produce an abundance of steam – like ones with a steam generator – are common household items.
  • With a steam generator, large and dense volumes of steam are released in much greater quantities than with conventional irons where it’s likely necessary to pre-spray your fabric in order to soften the fibers. In some cases it’s even recommended to throw your clothes or linens into the dryer with a wet towel in order to “hydrate” the fabric.
  • With an increased quantity of steam, time-consuming tricks are no longer necessary. The power of an iron with a steam generator puts enough moisture into the fabric so that it can be professionally finished.


  • Steam does the hard work for you. In the past, it was assumed that a heavy iron was best for finishing clothes; it wasn’t uncommon to see irons as heavy as bowling balls! With a high velocity of steam, moisture enters the fabric in a large quantity and effectively softens the fibers. When fibers are soft, they can be laid down flat by the plate on the iron.


  • The truth is that you don’t need to have a high volume of steam to iron but you do need it if you want to save time and have a professional finish.
  • By getting more steam into fabric at a faster rate, it can reduce ironing time by as much as 50%. With the fabric properly hydrated, it’s easily shaped, wrinkles quickly flatten out and the whole process can be completed in a fraction of the time than if a conventional iron were used.


  • That’s a good question, and it really depends on how much ironing you do.
  • For some, a conventional iron is all they need for their wardrobe and lifestyle. For those whose mantra is “Buy well once,” and have made an investment in their clothes, the best approach is gentle home washing with a front load washing machine, then finishing with a quality steam iron and vacuum + blowing table.
  • Treat your clothes with the same care that went into selecting them by protecting your investment with a Reliable home ironing system. It will reward you with speedy ironing, clothes that last longer, and clothes that look and feel great.

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