Steam Away Unwelcome Hitchhikers During the Summer Vacation Season!

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In the midst of summer, family vacations are in full swing, making it a high-travel season. With more travelers on the roads and checking into hotels, the chances of picking up bed bugs are much higher. According to, “Canada’s bed bug problem is worse than ever, as experts say the pesky little bloodsuckers are multiplying in record numbers in cities and smaller communities across the country,” (click here to read more).

The unwelcome passengers not only spread by hitchhiking on bags and clothes but also hide in discarded furniture and electronics that people unwittingly bring into their homes. They then lodge themselves in the cracks and crevices to lay their eggs, eventually infesting the entire home. Numerous treatment options exist to prevent bed bugs from spreading; however, many are complicated, expensive and often involve the use of harsh chemicals.

Steam Away Bed Bugs for Good!

A safe, simple and chemical free alternative to destroying bed bugs is accessible to consumers through the use of steam.

Bed bugs are highly sensitive to heat and cannot survive when exposed to temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam treatment is the recommended method for killing bed bugs, eliminating them in all stages without the use of toxic chemicals, keeping your home and family safe.

Reliable Corporation, manufacturer of steam cleaning and fabric care appliances, offers the EnviroMate PRONTO portable steam cleaner and fabric steamer. The PRONTO focuses on easing the home cleaning process while helping families lead a healthy, “green” lifestyle. With the power of steam and 15 attachments, the P7 rids the home of bed bugs—just using water!

Reliable Corporation’s Top Tips for Killing Bed Bugs:

  1. Remove clutter from the house, giving bed bugs fewer places to hide.
  2. Wash and dry clothing and all bedding at the highest temperature and store in plastic bags.
  3. Use the attachment for your Reliable PRONTO steam cleaner that includes a clip to attach a cloth pad.
  4. Begin to steam clean all the surfaces of the room from top to bottom. This includes such areas as curtains, chairs as well as the bed, floor and baseboards.
  5. The bed is critical in the process. Make sure to slowly go over every inch, leaving no surface of the bed untouched, including the underside of the box spring. Use the high-pressure nozzle attachment to assist in getting into the crevices of the bed frame, binding, base boards and mattress folds.
  6. Allow all areas to air dry thoroughly before returning bedding and clothing to their appropriate places.
  7. Tip for keeping bed bugs away — wrap the box spring in heavy plastic sheeting and consider purchasing a bed bug mattress cover.

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How to Increase Jewlery Store Traffic and Add Value to Your Customers

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When it comes to running a successful jewelry business, one of the biggest challenges store owners face is maintaining a consistent stream of new and existing customers through the door. One convenient solution is as close as the back room when equipped with such tools as a high-quality jewelry steam cleaner and a knowledge of proper cleaning techniques.

Complimentary jewelry cleaning is a proven “Value Added” strategy that will motivate your current and future customer base to visit the store, resulting in increased client satisfaction and potential sales. The process also provides the store owner with the opportunity to educate the customer and further develop that important level of trust.

Jewelry Cleaning Facts for the Customer:

  • Due to the skin oils our bodies produce and the everyday activities that attract grime, the natural beauty of a stone or metal can ultimately become dull.
  • To avoid this, it is recommended to have prized possessions professionally cleaned several times a year, especially for older pieces.
  • It’s important for the jeweler to evaluate the condition of the piece and determine the best cleaning process as this varies depending on the types of stone.

A & K Jewelers, diamond professionals since 1949, is a family-owned business in Stoneham, Massachusetts that is co-owned by the founder’s two sons, Rob Algiers and Paul Algiers Jr. The store sells and repairs a variety of jewelry and in addition, offers free jewelry cleaning to all of their customers, both new and returning. “About 75% of the people that come into our store get their jewelry cleaned on a regular basis and are loyal customers,” states Algiers Jr.

a & k jewelers

In order to thoroughly clean jewelry, there are four basic steps to follow:

  1. If the jewelry has prongs, check to see if any are worn and that all gemstones are secure. The piece may require some repair before cleaning.
  2. Soak the piece in an ultrasonic cleaner, a device that operates on ultrasound vibrations in fluid, to “melt” away grime and remove stubborn stains. This process will eliminate some of the residue but most importantly, it “loosens” the dirt prior to the steam process.
  3. Hold the piece with tongs and blast away the remaining debris and layers of chemicals with a high-quality jewelry steam cleaner such as the Reliable i600A.


To achieve optimal results, the i600A produces 65 PSI of steam pressure and reaches temperatures up to 221⁰ F at the tip, sanitizing and polishing the finest of jewelry. Reliable’s i600A also offers a sleek stainless steel tank and is compact in size, suitable for any workshop counter. The quick 15-20 minute heat up time and continuous steam for up to 6 hours provides the busy jeweler with an efficient and effective cleaning process.

  • Following the steam cleaning, polish the piece so that it shines and sparkles leaving you with a highly satisfied customer.

Algiers Jr. emphasized the importance of owning a high-end steam cleaner, “Every good jeweler must have a quality steam cleaner such as the Reliable i600A — it should be one of the first things you purchase when opening a store. The steam provides quick yet powerful results providing you with an easy way to please your customers which keeps them coming back.”

Summer Sprucing Tips from “One-Minute” Cleaning Expert, Donna Smallin Kuper: All You Need is Water!

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 Spring into Summer Cleaning: 6 Fresh & Easy Tips Using Water!


If you didn’t finish your spring cleaning, don’t sweat it. Either pick up where you left off or, get started now with these simple cleaning hacks that multiply the power of water to get your home as fresh and clean as a mountain lake.

1. Make your own multi-purpose cleaner. Mix three parts water to one part distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning countertops, appliances and more. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

2. Green clean mirrors. Spritz a little water on mirrors and then wipe dry with a fine-weave microfiber cloth for a streak-free, lint-free shine. Removes fingerprints and smudges from stainless appliances too!

3. Deep clean floors fast. Clean floors with one cup vinegar mixed with one gallon water. Or, skip the vinegar and simply use the power of steam. Steam clean floors with the NEW Reliable Steamboy PRO T3 Steam and Scrub Floor Mop. The 3-in-1 cleaning tool simultaneously steams and scrubs tile and grout lines as well as freshens carpets and sanitizes sealed floors– all without the use of toxic chemicals!

4. Freshen your washing machine. Rid the washing machine of any bacteria that can cause foul odors by simply running a hot water wash with nothing but your regular laundry detergent.

5. Disinfect with H2O2*. Spritz any hard surface, such as a teething ring or cutting board, with a mist of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) followed by a mist of vinegar. Allow to air dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth. Or, destroy dirt and 99.99% of germs on contact with a handheld portable steam cleaner like the Reliable EnviroMate Pronto P7.

6. Try this microwave magic trick. Place a small microwave-safe bowl filled halfway with water in the oven. “Cook” on high for 5 minutes and then remove the bowl. The residual steam softens grime and makes it easy to wipe away.

*Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has an extra molecule of oxygen that dissipates upon exposure to the air, becoming only

About Donna Smallin Kuper

Peter LaMastro

Through her own special brand of inspiration and practical tips for “cleaning smarter, not harder”, Donna helps consumers lead happier, cleaner and less stressful lives.

Donna’s print books have sold over one million copies worldwide. On November 26th, 2014, Donna will be launching her new book, “Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness”– just in time for the holidays!

As a leading authority on cleaning and one of the organizing industry’s most recognized and respected experts, Donna frequently appears on national television and radio as well as often quoted in major print and online publications (

Take Control of Spring Allergies!

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Did you know May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month? Along with the warmer weather and longer days, springtime can bring runny noses, watery eyes and seasonal sneezing– a peak time for many asthma and allergy sufferers.


From the ceremonious spring cleaning to blooming flowers and thriving trees, the season can trigger allergies caused by culprits both inside and outside the home. Don’t let allergens such as pollen, mold, dander or dust mites make you suffer and spoil your spring fever.

Take a look at our list of practical, chemical-free tips on how to better control allergies within your home:

  • Declutter to reduce dust collectors. Remove piles and stacks, toss out or recycle any unwanted items, and then place remaining objects in closed plastic containers to avoid attracting dust.
  • Vacuum, steam, and flip the mattress, this should be done annually in order to help maintain shape and avoid uneven wearing. Easily kill dust mites and mold spores with the Reliable EnviroMate Pronto P7 portable steam cleaner and fabric steamer. Use the fabric brush attachment and hold device over the mattress to eliminate allergens. The power of steam also deodorizes and sanitizes every crevice, a natural alternative to using harsh chemicals.


  • Wipe down your home from top to bottom, but skip the hazardous chemical cleaning solutions and use a damp microfiber cloth to attract dust on tables, walls, frames, shelves, dressers, ceiling fans, and more.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed, especially during peak pollen hours. If using an air conditioning system, make sure to change the filter monthly.
  • To eliminate mildew and lime buildup without the use of chemical cleaners, lay down paper towels over appliances and soak in vinegar. For best results, let it sit for at least an hour, allowing the residue to soften, eventually making it easier to remove.